Homework: Day One – Redefining Success


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My homework this week was to do something crazy for half an hour every day before going to bed.  Today, Monday 26/10/15, my first day, I did not complete this task!

The task succeeded in making me smile, walking back to the car from the supermarket cash point I considered howling like a wolf … but I shop there every week and chickened out. The idea made me smile, then, later and now but I didn’t act on it. 

I am choosing to look on today thus: I spent time thinking daft stuff and smiling therefore task accomplished! 


Poem by Andrew Hinkinson


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For Willow on her 40th Birthday

from Andy, a poem just for you (a poem that could not be for another).

Dearest Willow so now you’re 40
and who’d have guessed?
It happens to the very best.

We’ve known you now for quite some years
and often on your face a smile and wonder
like that time others ticked off naughty things
and you, you listed them on your To Do. And Did.

Well we remember your lustful summer cries
as you hankered after a green man’s thighs,
and danced all night around a massive fire
like some genie unleashed from the mead.

Pass me a paintbrush! you said,
and became a fruity Picasso for a not-so little while.

Hey, what’s that rumble? Is it some quake?
No, it’s legendary Willow sleeping deep
(do ladies snore or simply gently nostril dilate?)
in her tent, emerging morning bleary-eyed
and look, ooh, it’s that green man flopping and swinging by!
He’s had a new paint job. Someone did a work of love.
That bloody monster, though,
is still trailing on the ground like some errant vine.

And so it is, in remembrance of camping fun,
we present to you a token of affection, for all
the laughter shared with and given by you.
It’s a courgette. A green one of course.
Let it have a useful life no matter for how long
and, carefully handled, varnished maybe,
treated with a spray, never become broken.
That’s the best we can hope for anyone,
animal, vegetable and mineral
(we’ve been all three from time to time)
but for you on your birthday, the big 4-0,
we wish a whole lot more:
health, happiness, a toyboy or two,
music and parties and unfettered yodelling
and great and powerful loves always true,
friendship and courage and spirit to fight,
the ongoing ability to know and do what’s right
and many more things, too many to list,
by which we mean, in short:
blessings in abundance. Happy birthday Willow!


Found this on my computer; happy memories from five years ago, I’m 45 now 😀

Silence ~ Sometimes Good, Sometimes Not So Good


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My thoughts on Silence.




It can be blissful, especially after a noisy day.  One of my best memories of silence from my days working in school is when the last lesson of the day was in a computer room. Being the last lesson of the day the computers were switched off  … it was always a relief, a surprise but a relief, the difference switching off 30 computers made to the ambient noise level.  


Another Silence, which isn’t really silent, is walking in the countryside, not talking, no gadgets making noise, just the sounds of nature.  Birds calling (let’s be honest here they’re not singing sweet songs, they’re saying things like “My patch, my patch”, trying to get the attention of the females and swearing at trespassers), wind blowing in the trees and rain either pitter pattering or belting down.  Hey, I’m from the North of England, we appreciate the rain (most of the time), without it we wouldn’t be such a Green and Pleasant Land 🙂


So far I’ve only mentioned Good Silences, unfortunately not all are good.  There is the Silence of shock caused by bad news.  May that not come my way again for a very long time (miss you Mo).  Silence can be caused by absence, physical or emotional.  Physically: that person might no longer be alive; they might be elsewhere on the planet, possibly with poor/no communication facilities (hard to believe at times but even in the UK there are places with no mobile signal!); there could be a physical/medical reason why communication is difficult/impossible.  


All of those can hurt but worse, in my opinion, is the Silences with emotional absences at the root of them.


A marriage/partnership where one partner ignores/doesn’t acknowledge the thoughts/feelings/words of the other. (Been there, a marriage that died years before I had the courage to leave.) A friendship that putters away to nothing or implodes, especially hard when you simply don’t know what caused it, these are harder to accept, process and deal with.


Peace be with us all ♥



Scraggy? Not me!


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I’ve just popped onto Willow’s blog to counter an accusation … Flower asked if Willow had brought her “scraggy” yellow friend to Hampshire with her.  Apparently she meant me?!?!?!? How very dare she … judge for yourselves … I am sooooo not “scraggy”!


I am proud to accept the description of “well loved”, but not “scraggy”


Nuts 🙂

Birthday Fun


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Yep a late post this but hey I am making up for a long silence 🙂


These were the guests at the birthday tea I had with my parents on the Saturday 😀

I visited friends for my actual birthday, on my way down to this job.  A couple of concoctions were enjoyed … unrepeatable as one ingredient was home brewed!


My skilled artist friend Andrew S Hinkinson gave me this gorgeous owl portrait which he created his very own self 😀


Another friend gave me a novelty mug which I have SO been using for my herbal teas 🙂


See, it’s not that big, not reeeeaaaaaly lol

My lovely son gave me a kindle voucher … he SO knows and loves his Mam lol.


My parents were more practical, clothes & cash most of which unfortunately had to go on bills instead of treats but hey, I am extremely grateful not only that I still have them both but that they are able & willing to help me out financially!


Dad and I often go for walks, which helps my Mum out cos he’s out of the house lol, she’s much more camera shy … plus I’ve just got the pics in my phone memory 😀

Wandering in the Mud


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This morning I managed to get myself out walking in the countryside rather than around a town.  Next time I am so putting my walking boots on lol


I managed to avoid all the fresh *stuff* but it was impossible to avoid the mud and it MUST have been thick with old *stuff*! I enjoyed seeing all the horses on their way up and down this old railway line but, unlike dog owners, the riders don’t have to pick up after their friends.


Rush Hour = Hardship


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Well not really lol.  I’ve been out & about since 08:30, about 4 hours in the National Museum then lots of wandering & photo taking with the odd stop at stalls or inside for cold drinks & snacks.  I wasn’t paying attention to the time but soon realised it was nearly 17:00.  None of the taxis would do meter & all wanted 150-200baht.  The taxi this morning to the museum  (further than here from hotel) only cost 43 (paid 50 & told him to keep the difference).

The hardship part is that I am forced to sit in an air conditioned coffee shop, with free wifi, drinking a hazelnut late frappe 🙂


Such hardship lol