Today is Monday, I’m sure of it, it said so on the news and on my phone … but blinkin’eck it sure did feel like a Friday afternoon instead of a Monday one today!
Can’t really say anymore that than, certain children were being their usual ‘lovely’ selves but more so and we all seemed to be running around ‘slightly’ like headless chickens. This isn’t helped by the fact we’re one member of our team down, he fell off his skateboard the first week of term and mangled the … not tendons …. the other bits which aren’t bones or muscles … ligaments in his ankle. He was in for most of last week on crutches but no sign of him today. I didn’t get a chance to ask the boss lady, he could well have been at the docs again and needed a pot after all. Even when we’re all hands on deck a day like today is manic, ah well we ended on a good note.

Our boss lady was 40 on Saturday, we gave her cards & a some photo frames, put balloons in her car, confetti, wrote lots of 40s all over her windscreen and a big 40 on card all on Friday. So she thought it was over and she was safe … she’d been getting a ‘tad’ paranoid lol what with all the whispering that had been going on. Anyway tonight we got her good 😮 She’s wheat intollerant so I made a carboard cake which we put 40 real candles in … but under it was a special very chocolatey cake (made by the 2nd in command) which she could eat! Then there were LOTS of little pressies from the cute but relatively boring stationary type stuff I got from Claires (all individually wrapped with lots of 40 glitter) to the very rude things “think of what a teenage boy might buy at Morecambe” is how it was described to me earlier (cos yes that’s where she’d been and got stuff lol); and lots of things inbetween. It took ages for them all to be unwrapped and we had a hoot of a good time cos we’d not seen what each other had got her and there were comments written on most of the packages (I hadn’t as didn’t know we were supposed to) there was anti-wrinkle stuff and all sorts but I haven’t known her long enough to get things that cheeky or the rude stuff.

Unfortunately the gorgeous chocolate cake didn’t agree with me, even though I didn’t take my tea time xenical! I’ve had an upset stomache all evening 😥 I’m feeling mostly better now … might go have some supper soon 🙂