It was a good weekend in Scotland … lots of driving, I did almost 490 miles from leaving Friday to getting back home on Sunday!!!
An unpleasant start in that I felt extremely travel sick on the last bit of the journey … I had to stop twice and I was driving 😮 I managed the drive to Castle Douglas on the Saturday, Friday night I was adamant that I’d be unable to but the lure of a witchy shop won me over lol and while there I bought some travel tablets as even though in daylight and a different route I felt … uncomfortable!

Nice chilled out weekend, went for a bit walk Saturday evening … just a shame that I brought back the momento of an insect bite on the back of my right leg just above my ankle … mega owie!!! All red and swollen and itchy and sore 😥 Next time I go for a walk in Scotland I’ll make sure I have long trousers on, tucked into socks, have antihistamines with me and insect bite cream!!!