Well I love my car cos she takes me where I want to go but ….

I wish she didn’t neeeeeed so much 😦

She needed a service and MOT this week … which lead to me finding out she needed two new tyres :-O  One was under the legal limit (which would have caused her to fail the mot) and the other was an ‘advisory’.  So I now have two new back tyres and know that her breaks etc are all good … the thing is …. sheeesh I drove down to Morecambe last weekend via the motorway …. at motorway speeds …. with a tyre that must have been legally bald then!  Even though I know legally bald still has a fair bit of tread cos the legal tread requirements went up at one point it’s still a sheeesh moment!!

Good to know I’ve safe driving down there on Tuesday and again on Saturday AND the following Saturday lol do you think I like Morecambe? Not the place … it’s the people 🙂