“Hear the dancing drum … dancing drum”

That’s a line from a song I’m currently listening to by Rose Among Thorns featuring Elaine Morgan, in fact the song is called Dancing Drums.  Another fav off the album is ‘Lady of Hay’.

I’m a happy lass, I spent a fair amount of time the other night putting some cds onto my computer.  I’ve had several empty cd cases for the last year, erm actually 2 1/2 yrs!  We put several cd’s into a case for our trip to Ireland back in April 2004 and when we came home hubby ‘put them away’ … finally they have re-emerged and I’ve got them on the computer now 🙂

Rose Among Thorns is a fav, a group I saw once many years ago and have never heard about since (must do a google for them, though it was a heck of a long time ago).  Elaine had a most gorgeous jacket with a fabulous rose design over it … but even in my skinny days it wouldn’t have fit me lol.

Anyhoo what else have I been doing?  Yesterday, work till about 5:20pm then straight to Debenhams with bosslady1 (she gives me a lift on fridays, the day’s I do ‘detention duty’).  It was open till 9pm, though we didn’t stay that late lol.  Neither of us got what we wanted, well I didn’t get anything as their largest clothes only go up to a size 24 and she couldn’t find what she wanted but did get a couple of good deals, some trousers for her daughter and some slacks & a belt for her hubby.

Today … slept a lot!  Up about 10ish, sewed son’s slouch … a rectangle of fleecey material sewn into a square with arm holes and a head hole.  It comes down to his ankles and is VERY snuggly 🙂 Watched some tv with son & hubby this afternoon, then eventually gave in to my shutting eyes and back to bed for a few hours … well missed Robin Hood, I believe it’s been taped for me but haven’t checked.  Had some tea then, instead of getting back to bed as would be sensible cos I am still tired … I came online about half ten, well onto the computer about half ten, didn’t get online till about 11 cos it kept messing about and I had to restart her!!!

Tomorrow must go up to my mum’s to move the post, feed the birds, put the heating on for an hour to take the chill off in the morning.  Will probably be going back up later as they are planning to come home tomorrow but will need help unloading the car. 

Mum was in hospital earlier today … they landed in London yesterday, 2 hours after landing mum got a case of Deli Belly (been to India) but she has plumbing problems sometimes anyway so got really dehydrated etc.  Luckily they were staying with my aunt and uncle in London for a day or so before travelling so they weren’t on the road when it hit.  She ‘recovered’ quickly and discharged herself late afternoon/early evening and I spoke to Mo on the phone late evening hearing mum in the background giving instructions lol.

Well that’s me waffled out I think lol … hmmm should I change the title … nah cos I’ll be dancing to mum’s drums tomorrow lol.