It was a BRILLIANT night at The Morecambe Hotel Saturday … such a bloody shame it was the last one!!!!!!!

It was also a day of bloody hard work for lots of people … me I didn’t join in till about half three but most had been working since before nine am!!!!! Getting N&W&co’s stuff packed and moved … after the last load & showers the last of us didn’t get back to the pub till about 11:45pm … but the party went on strong till around 6am when N finally ran out of stubborness and needed to sleep so kicking out the ones who were still there but not staying over.  Some of us went to bed then but I hear some others stood talking on the landing for ages after that lol. 

I finally left Morecambe this afternoon at 5:25 … in the pitch black, pouring rain and really strong winds all the way home.  I stopped off on the way and had a coffee because I could barely keep my eyes open … sat for approx 3/4 hour but it hadn’t kicked in so got a Red Bull and some pro-plus … I got home safely but that’s why I’m still awake lol. 

With the stoppage and the weather it took me three hours to get home … normally when on the motorway I’m all eeep, look at my speedo, better slow down but with the weather tonight I barely went over 70mph, mostly doing about 60mph then when I left the motorway and the wind was coming from the side more I mostly did 50-55mph!!! Soooo not me, but I did keep pulling over into laybys as and when I got people behind me. 

But I SO didn’t want to go … leaving was like admitting it was the end of The Morecambe 😦  It was especially hard to leave cos people were still there and a couple had come back.  We had a little picnic in the pub surrounded by all the dirty glasses from the night before sooooo nice not to have to tidy up and have the pub open for noon lol.

I believe someone (J?) said he was going to open a Morecambe Hotel group on some blog type space somewhere (myspace?).  As and when it happens someone better let me know and how to get to it!!!!!!!!!

But don’t worry, I’ll still be coming down there … it’s up to the locals to find someplace that is right for us to gather again but I’ll still be coming down regardless lol  I’ll SO be taking you up on that offer of your sofa K and I know there’d be other places I can kip as and when needed 😉