I greeted the dawn this Winter Solstice wearing 2pr of socks, 3pr of trousers, a vest, t-shirt, long sleeved blouse, hooded jumper all tucking in-between each other and a waterproof jacket on too.  🙂

I was at Castlerigg Stone Circle as planned … and it wasn’t thatcold lol.  No seriously, it wasn’t, I only had the hood of my jumper up, not my neck/head thing on nor my coat hood.  Normally there is a strong cold wind there any time of year which necessitates many hoods!

The sky was as always cloudy but it was dry this year, to our great delight.  Last winter is was totally p’ing it down!

For the first time ever I saw a group conducting a rite at CSC.  Usually there are people doing their own thing, myself included, but they walked the circle with brooms and chalice then conducted a rite in the altar area, a group of stones in the east of the circle ‘attached’ to the circle.  I tried not to watch, they deserve their space, but they were between me and the sunrise … their rite included everyone kissing under the mistletoe … haven’t seen any around this year, not that I’ve looked really.  Afterwards one of them came round to all those that were there with solstice biscuits. Later on I spoke to one of them, asking if they were from around there … nope … most of them are from the Preston area!

In fact apart from one guy I recognised from previous solstices (who I speak to but have never asked where he lives) those I spoke to had travelled to be there. One couple were staying in a travel lodge just off the M6, another couple had spent the night in their landrover taking turns sleeping.

Maybe the locals only visit CSC on solstice eves.  I say this because virtually every solstice I visit there is signs of people having been there the night before, wilted flowers etc.  This morning there were small branches of pine scattered around the outside of the circle and I’m fairly sure the dawn group didn’t scatter anything apart from some biscuits they left on the ground … drat, never thought, hope there was nothing in them that would disagree with sheep!

I stayed there for ages, till the sun was up properly, showing above the hills.  Lovely to be able to do that … so glad school finished yesterday and not today!

Note to self to consider visiting CSC on solstive eve next time instead of watching the sun set over the sea.  Hmmm me, changing my routine, not something I do very often, but perhaps … I am going to be changing lots of things this year after all 😕