My Ten ten peeves for 2006, in no particular order … I tag … Howard


  • Punch Inns for messing with my social life and where we can all meet up!!!!
  • Politicians … particularly Blair and Bush … because of the chaos and madness they have caused and continue to cause.
  • People who wont accept what they have been told is true, who wont open their eyes and realise that particular part of life is over.
  • Employers who mess you around … number of hours to work and where … grrr
  • Lack of space … totally due to my pack rat habit.
  • People who ‘tidy’ things away but don’t know or care what they have put where, just ‘in a box’ out of sight.
  • The fact there just aren’t enough hours in the day!
  • Politicians again … the lack of decent pensions and the way pensioners will sit freezing rather than spend money they don’t have on heating bills!
  • relatives who think you shouldn’t change, who don’t agree/believe in paganism.
  • kids telling me I need to shave!!!!!

There we are … ten at last lol.