I’m poorly, even got a week signed off work by a doc that rarely believes anyone’s too sick to go to work! 

She wrote ‘viral illness’ but took swabs, if I’m interested I can call next week to find out if I’ve had flu.

I started with a really nasty cough friday morning, by hometime on Friday I was feeling really rough.  I was worried at more than one point that I wouldn’t make it home, the coughing was that bad, still is, at times it feels as though my lungs are trying to leave my body via my throat  😦

Spent most of the weekend in bed under piles of blankets shivering while I burnt up, Saturday night thought I might be getting better cos I finally started sweating.  No such luck.  I made it to the first day of a course I’m doing on monday.  Believe me it’s much easier to cope with sitting making notes and trying to learn yourself even with a head full of cotton wool and painful coughing that feels constant than it is to help teenagers learn.  Anyhooo I had to go, it was the first of four days spread over the next two months!

I set the alarm and got up as though for work Tuesday … no way was I going to make it, as well as the burning, coughing and dizzyness was the fact I have very little voice!  I phoned work and then the doctors.  I got an appointment at 11am, it was only 8am so I set the alarm and went back to bed … 11:30 OH got up (had been nightshift) and came through “Weren’t you going to the doctors?”  I have never missed an appointment before *must* make sure not to do again as our surgery has a three miss and you’re out policy.

Well obviously I made it today, I didn’t go back to bed after the 8am phone call, sat up watching the new CSI I was unable to stay awake and watch last night.

So this long whinge was really just to let anyone whose interested know why I’ve been posting even less than normal … I’ve just not been online much.  Came online briefly on Sunday to do some homework for the course and HAD to come on tonight cos I was feeling more awake and so suffering withdrawal lol.  Am off to bed now I think though.

Be well everyone