ATTLEBORO — It’s a world filled with vampires, demons and other made-up monsters, with plot twists that rely on the supernatural and a love affair between a teenage girl with “un-human” powers and an immortal man who “unlives” a tortured (sometimes literally) existence.

Well everyone who’s anyone knows that … but how could the Buffyverse be used by a church? … 

The appeal and success of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” which ran for seven seasons on the WB and UPN and developed a cult-like following, was in its obvious absurdities – that the characters dealt with fictional monsters that flocked to their town, which was built, naturally, on a hell mouth.

Doesn’t sound much like a basis for religious discussion, but at Murray Unitarian Universalist Church, pop culture often finds its way into God’s house.

“It’s about taking something that’s very popular and mining it for religious and philosophical ideas,” said Nan Loggains, director of religious education.

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hmmm I suppose on occasion it might be useful to wonder what Buffy would do … but … if the answer you come up with is kick butt … you’d better stop and think twice … do you have her butt kicking skills?