So far this year my health has sucked!  Nothing major, nothing life threatening … just depressing and annoying :o(

I was off for just over a week (though ill for a few days before) at the end of January, beginning of February with a “viral infection”.  Yep I had horrid nasal and throat swabs taken, the results came back when I’d been back at work for two weeks and explained why I was still feeling so weak and horrid … I’d had influenza :o(

Last year I lost four stone, naturally I was really pleased with myself.  In the first three months of this year I’ve put a stone and a half back on 😥 This is partly due to comfort food from stress and feeling ill and partly due to a change in job place cutting down on my exercise opportunities drastically.  It’s hard enough to motivate myself to exercise but the last place had loads of stairs and I could go swimming before work, currently there are no stairs and no chance to go swimming before work when I’m most likely to do it.

Over the last two months I’ve been on a four day course … of those four days there was only one when I wasn’t coughing or sneezing or barely able to talk … several of the other people on the course commented on my health as in “Are you still ill?”  “You poor thing, you don’t look well, should you be here?” “Oh my, you sound awful, do you want a drink?”

I was off for three days in March, but was told on the Monday morning that I should go home (stubborn me stuck it for two days *crazy*).  That was with a horrendous cough, a productive one, but there was no way I could drive to work on the Wednesday, it just wasn’t safe plus I only go through those two days one lesson at a time and didn’t feel as though I was doing the kids much good cos my brain was barely working!  I should probably have taken longer off but we’re short staffed and since it was ‘basically’ a cold felt a bit of a fraud … even though I didn’t get dressed from the Tuesday till the Saturday afternoon (when I had to go up to my mam’s so it was also the first time I’d left the house).  I mean I was that ill that when I found out ice-skating was on I sat wrapped up with hot H2O to drink …. and fell asleep!

Even when not ill enough to be off work I’ve rarely felt fit or healthy … not a good place to be.  The times I’ve felt good have luckily been when I’ve been visiting friends, though even that was affected, a couple of weekend visits had to be cancelled because I just wasn’t fit to drive and it would not have been fair to share the germs lol.

When accused of eating sweets by a child I explianed no it’s a throat lozenge because my throat is really sore to which the child responded “tu you’re throats always bad” … says it all really doesn’t it!

Sorry for whinging on peeps … the reason for the self pity is that I’m ill again … I’m currently on anti-biotics because I’ve got tonsillitis.  Oh and I’ve still got a hacking (productive) cough, just not coughing as much as I was.  It’s scary how many boxes of tissues I’ve gone through!