On Saturday I drove convoy, with SC and SunnyD leading the way, to Morecambe for the Brigantii Moot and it’s first ever AGM.  We were supposed to be meeting up with some friends at 4pm, we got there just on 5pm.  Bad traffic perhaps? Nope :op we were running on Pagan Time i.e. late lol

The drive up was fabulous fun.  I had my Q-be connected to the cassette player and on Play All Random.  During the first part of the journey, through gorgeous countryside at speeds low enough to have the windows wide open (it was very hot) the music that played was mostly gentle blues and relaxing celtic tunes ~ very apt :o)

Later, on the motorway, it was virtually all Saxon and all hard, fast and furious … totally fitting the motorway driving ahem.

I lurve driving fast and SunnyD is a brilliant driver for following.  Plenty of good clear indications for junctions and changing lanes etc.  BUT the crowning glory was the song pelting out as we pulled into Lancaster … “Wheels of Steel”! :oD