It’s true, school’s not been that bad this week.  Which is a shocker…

especially considering the last few weeks before half term I got to the point where I phoned LSS and said I was “in two minds about going back after the Easter break” … and that’s a biggie for me, I sooooo don’t like to rock the boat!

There have been times when I’ve so not enjoyed the lesson, mostly to do with one year group … three lads in  particular in that group … but most days have been surpisingly ‘fine’.  It shouldn’t be surprising to have a day at work that you can describe as ‘fine’, in an ideal world a substantial number of work days should be ‘good’ with a fair few that are ‘great’ thrown in and only a couple of ‘crappy’ ones.  If you’ve read any of my school related posts you’ll realise since January it’s not been like that for me … most of my days have been ‘crappy’ with a lot of ‘totally sucked’ and some ‘######’.

This week, it’s so hard to believe that this time last week I was at Spicy Cauldron & SunnyD’s place, that I spent last weekend have a blast … it already feels as though we’ve been back at school for a few weeks!  Anyhoooooo … this week I’ve mostly had ‘fine’ days, one ‘ok’, one ‘well it was Wednesday=mostly crappy’ and today a VERY mixed day. 

Started off with an okay lesson, I spent half of it doing errands for the teacher but I didn’t mind.  I was supposed to have a group withdrawn for maths but had forgotten to sort out where because the room we used to use for that type of group is now being used for something else.  I don’t look forward to that group, they’re not particularly bad, they just rarely do any work, so I guess I subconsiously shoved them to one side.  That teacher’s off for a couple of days, the teacher covering the lesson (year 11 revision) was thankfully fine with them staying with the main group, not that they did ANY work!

Second lesson was ICT, I was working 1:2 with two of the three boys who cause me trouble in particular but they were little angels *shock*!  Mind they do enjoy ICT.

Third lesson was a very last minute change but that went okay, lucky I was in there as I could sort out a child who had to be removed (verbally & escorted to someone, not physically restrained etc) due to his violent behaviour, the rest of the class went well.

Fourth lesson …. that group … the same two kids who were angels but … they don’t like that lesson.  One kicked off by throwing stuff which happened to hit the teacher (not aimed at the teacher, he’s not that stupid) when another teacher popped in for something, when asked to ‘come here please ###’ he swore so was removed from the room for the rest of the lesson.  The other was minorly disruptive and did no work.  That whole group choses not to work a lot and often makes offensive &/or inappropriate remarks.  I have been thinking of trying to tape them sometime but not sure how without them seeing it and anyway it would probably be an infringement on their human rights or something :o(

Fifth lesson back to the same classroom for another year group … who also back talk a lot, I think it’s something to do with the topic (resistant materials) they chose it but I think it must have been a case of well I have to do something for a lot of them.  Some of the kids worked really hard and others just messed around.

Sixth (last) lesson … being pro-active rather than re-active I arranged for one of the particular children to go back to ICT and complete the mornings work rather than go into maths (which he hates and loathes and isn’t any good at ~ chicken/egg!).  Unfortunately he decided he’d stay and do maths … messing about, with the other of the two, at the start.  Fortunately the teacher who had agreed to have him came by, bollacked off the class who were really misbehaving for the teacher (a known teacher but not the one normally in charge for that lesson) and said yes she’d take him and the other when he didn’t want to go by himself.  When I’d got those two settled I went back to the class … helped those who were revising doing my best to ignore the others.

The awww shocker came near the end of the lesson, I’d sat near two girls and was trying to encourage them to do some more work.  One was saying to the other ‘go one, ask miss, she’ll know’.  We ended up having a private female type conversation for about 5-10 minutes, with me giving honest opinion and advice including to go check some stuff out and she listened, we had a woman to woman conversation which I think helped her!!!  I did reassure her at the end that it wouldn’t go any further, there was no danger to anyone info and it was stuff her mum knows about so I felt safe being able to say that … but I had to share with someone and no-one reading my blog will know what school I am talking about so her privacy is assured.  Plus I’ve not said what it was we talked about … it was just so … wow a student asked for some advice from me on a personal issue …. wow.  Made me feel that I’m doing some good, not just being a crowd control person.

 After soooo many days leaving feeling totally crappy, especially Fridays due to doing two lots of resistant materials and the last lesson being maths and that particular child always having an issue with it, it was fabulous to leave feeling good.  Yay Me :o)