Well I’ve not only heard of it but I’ve experienced it, oddly enough lol.  Just not very much these last few nights and what I’ve had hasn’t been very restful.

I’ve caught ofsted stress from the teachers *boo hoo*.  This hasn’t been helped by the fact the new Special Educational Needs Co-ordinating Officer has had me doing lesson plans for the children I support in each lesson.  Not that hard you might think, it’s only 12 lessons and it’s not as if I’ve got to create the actual lesson, just what the targets are for the children I work with and how I’ll help them attain them, plus what I’d do if they weren’t behaving.

However I’ve done them three times in the last three nights!  Some are for differently streamed groups (i.e. by form instead of ability) which means I’ve never worked with some of the children.  Wouldn’t be so bad if it was the normal teacher but with a supply teacher …. I knew some combinations to avoid seating together but not all of them.  It also wouldn’t be so hard if there were I.E.P.s for all the children on the SEN register but for a while we only had a SENCO for one day a week and obviously she couldn’t do everything.

So I spent about four hours on these things on Sunday, was told “actually I meant like that one not those ones” (I’d done a couple different ways) so I spent three hours redoing them on Monday night.  Then at a meeting after school on Tuesday I was told “yes those are brilliant, spot on” BUT the lessons I’m supporting these two days have changed due to staff abscences, some children being on a trip and a lot of yr 11 choosing to study at home some of the time.  This meant last night I spent another four hours working.  I actually got home (about 6:30pm) had a bite of tea and went to bed for over an hour then got up and worked till after one in the morning. 

This morning it was easy to tell I’d had a restless night … the sheets were all tangled up and/or half off the bed and my pillow was over the other side of my bed!

This evening I’ve caught up a tiny bit  a miniscule amount with some of my internet friends/groups etc but have loads more to catch up on, basically not having been online these last couple of nights apart from a half hour here and there to check my emails.  Unfortunately I am totally exhausted and need to get into school early again tomorrow (by at least half an hour) so I’m going to go to bed somewhere between 9 & 10 p.m. … aiming for nearer nine but …. lol