I know I often don’t post for days, a week or longer. But I’ll not be online at all for at least two days (gasp shock horror!) …

not because I’m going camping, which is the usual reason for being off line, but because I’m going visiting. Driving across to the east coast tomorrow morning with an expected departure time of 8am ~ hmmm we’ll see lol ~ to come back home late Friday night.

That’s me and my boy visiting a family friend whose sons he’s friends with … he’s happy to go avisiting but not too happy to be taking his revision books. Well he’s got two exams next week, so has one of his friends and the other starts his final GCSE exams next week. So the plan is fun, revise, fun, revise repeat for two days :op

While the lads revise I’ll chill or have a gossip with my friend but even though they do have internet access (two teachers and two teenage boys!) I wont be online at all … it wouldn’t be polite. It’s a different story when I visit my other friend who lives on the east coast, she’d be worrying about me if I didn’t go online at least once a day when I’m visiting, but I met her online!