ooooh I needed that laugh :oD

white phone

As I’m sitting here on my computer the phone is to the side on the floor, a ‘short’ while ago (okay about half an hour + ) I answered it in my proper ‘phone’ voice saying

Me ~ “Hello Wastwater Madhouse” only to hear a voice on the other end go

? ~ “oh, sorry, I must have phoned the wrong number” …

confused face

Me ~ “hello” I said in a questioning tone, not sure if the voice was familiar or not

? ~ “I was trying to ring my friend B___”

Me ~ “P__ it is me, I was just being daft!”

Joint laughter and merriment ensued …

laughing face

then we got down to a good gossip,

talking faces

asking after each other, me having a bit moan about school and P___, she telling me of a problem with her son’s exam and inviting me over with D____ whenever we want/need a weekend away.

I’ve no idea why I did that … I was just caught up in doing stuff on the computer, my energy levels were so low as to be almost non-existent so my voice was almost dead, had no emotion in it … no wonder really she didn’t recognise the voice behind the words *shakes head*. The laughter did me good, and it’s finally got me blogging again so smiles all round :oD