I decided to have a bit whinge lol

Hubby told me last week that this Saturday (30th June) we were going to ‘sort’ the bathroom cupboard and anything which we hadn’t used in three years was going to go, either to a charity shop or the tip depending on what it was and the state it was in. Fair enough, 8 days warning, okay, it needed doing.

However (this is where the whinge factor comes in) as I was getting into the car after work on Wednesday (3 days before the planned day) I got a call from my mam … hubby had been up to her’s with some stuff for the Samaritans (she volunteers with them) that morning, did I want to call in and check if there was anything I wanted put in the loft? Oh and he’d told her that about 8 bags of ‘rubbish’ had gone to the tip! I called in at my mam’s on the way home and saved ~

  • a packet of 125 plastic bags, unopened
  • some microwave dishes
  • some microwave ‘pans’
  • a set of storage boxes, unopened
  • an electric scale (food type),
  • my BIG stainless steel pan including steamer inner (fair enough not actually used it for a couple of years but something like that you don’t throw without asking!!!)
  • microwavable food cover
  • 4 glass demi-johns (sp?) … brewing bottles (for a friend if wanted)

There was other stuff and more which I was happy to go to the Samaritans shop. When we’d discussed sorting that cupboard everything was to go up to my mam’s for her to sort what was wanted for the Sam’s shop and what wasn’t … that way it’d be easy for me to ‘save’ things for when I get my own place without making an issue about it. The big thing though, especially where my pan was concerned, was NOT to say anything about it when I got home. IF I’d made a fuss there’d be a VERY high chance that in future when things get sorted while I’m absent (this wasn’t the first time) everything would go straight to the tip or another charity shop in town, canceling out my chance to save stuff that I don’t want thrown anyway or that might be useful when I set up in my own place.

There just been lots of little niggly things like that happening. Waiting for post to go to my mam’s, local housing association forms. Since I don’t feel I can move away for at least a year am going to start looking into the logistics of getting a place with one of them … nuff said.

And this weekend I could have been at a friends birthday celebration *humph*