Second Saturday of the month = Brigantii Moot

Normally we have a talk/event and this month’s was supposed to be about Bee Keeping … see it’s not always an obviously pagan thing, though bee keeping leads to honey which leads to Mead lol. However due to the number of mooters who couldn’t make it the talk was postponed. Those who could go to The George (where the moot is held) did so and we had heaps of fun socializing 🙂

One of our regulars, Silent, has a new lady friend and she, not knowing much at all about pagans, asked lots of questions about the pagan path. This made for very interesting conversations as we tried our best to give her an overlay.

The biggest shock of the evening wasn’t anything we told J___, I don’t think we shocked her about anything, just enlightened her and gave her lots of things to think about, it was something we learnt about J___. It was that she’s NEVER heard of Terry Pratchett and his many books based in the Discworld!

I find it hard to cope with the concept that anyone in the western world has not heard of Terry and the Discworld, there are many levels in his books which relate to the world of pagans but his books are main stream fiction which all ages thoroughly enjoy!

While checking out images for Discworld I came across this rather useful one, it’s far more useful full size so it’s readable!



MUST remember to email this to J___, I strongly recommended she get to her library and borrow some Discworld books. With this (full size) she’ll know the best order to read them 😀


I’m going off to read one of Terry’s Disc World books again to counteract the shock 😛