Goddess Within reading from Lotus Tarot, as per normal it seems pretty spot on!

Temperance Heart (Temperance)when there is harmony in your heart you feel at peace with the world, yet how often do you feel such contentment and fulfilment? With acceptance comes release, with compassion comes love. Compromising and learning to give as well as take can help you achieve the harmony you seek.
The Fool Mind (The Fool)‘which path should I take’ you ask yourself? Ideas about new opportunities occupy your mind – considering how creating a fresh start for yourself could bring positive change to your love life, career or lifestyle in general. Let the creative mind show you the way and pick the path that excites you most.
The Lovers Spirit (The Lovers)a powerful desire for a sexual union that connects you with another at all levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually – consumes your very being. This can be so, but it is a divine marriage that can only be found when you are in true harmony with yourself.