In the last six months ‘my’ lawyer has stopped doing Legal Aid!!!


It’s over six months since I last spoke to her, she said to leave it over six months or the previous thing would be included in working out whatever I’d end up paying.

I nearly didn’t get her back … but I did!

Thankfully she agreed to stick with me and see me through this. I so did NOT want to have to go through that whole original meeting again. My Mam came with me in case I did end up going to a different lawyer, to help make sure I remembered everything, I didn’t mind though. Actually the lawyer said a nice thing, she said I’m looking much better, that I’m obviously coping much better with everything. Apparently last time we met I could hardly get a sentence out.I need to get a couple of bits of info to her asap to find out if I still qualify for Legal Aid (fingers crossed) and write a short whatsit on why I think I have reasonable grounds, with examples (dated if possible) of the unreasonable behaviour that is behind my wanting a divorce. I’m also going to see a very helpful doctor, mine kind of but he’s so popular in the practise that I rarely see him, mum asked him if he’d do a letter for me …. interfering so-and-so but kindly and usefully meant. The letter is to do with the consequences to my health (mostly mental) of my having to stay in my current situation. It’s primarily for the housing associations in the hope that it will move me from band 2 up to band 1 where I’ll be more likely to get re-housed quickly but I think the lawyer would like a copy as well.

I’m still looking at private rentals too. I visited an estate agent Wednesday morning to see about viewing two properties but one was gone and the other already has two people going through the approvement process. She told me about another 2 bedroom house in the area which I viewed on Wednesday afternoon. It had two small rooms downstairs, the fridge would have had to go in one of those rooms as the kitchen was so small there was no where to put a fridge, never mind a freezer. However there is another property, in this area, which will be available to view next week some time. I gave the estate agent lady my mobile and my mam’s mobile cos I have no signal at school. It looks good through the window, have to wait and see inside and see what the rent will be.

I’d rather be housing association as they are cheaper and more … safe, not as in a worried about the landlord being a danger but with a h.a. place there are more rules and regs on them doing things right.

Anyhoo the lawyer gave me 10/10 for the paperwork I handed over, she’s photo-copying stuff then sending it back to my mam’s. I didn’t have the most up-to-date copies of a few things but the most recent I could find, I even had Mam come to the house one morning when D was out with Grandad and P was at work to help me look. It’s not that P is hiding stuff, it’s just that we’ve not had any kind of filing system for paperwork for over a decade *gulp*. When we first married I had a fire proof filing box which everything of import went in, don’t even know where that is, haven’t for years. From now on I’m continuing the system of filing that I’ve started. All my paperwork is being kept up at my Mam’s for now, it’s handy when needed and no need to worry about it getting ‘lost’ in a fit of ‘tidying up’.