That was the title I gave my ‘journal’ entry made on Tuesday 16th October.  Well I’m online now so here it is 🙂

  From yipeee to ARGHHHHHH

I guess that’s the heading for this week. I was so happy and everything was so wonderful but now there just seems to be problem after problem. Yes they ARE getting sorted but it’s my mam that’s sorting them, not me 😦 I know it makes sense for her to do so as she is in during the day, can make the phone calls, visit the estate agent, be in my house for deliveries, to let work men in etc but … I wish I could have done it myself.

Even the crap stuff, like my electricity supply is not good. I got up Saturday to find that the kettle wasn’t working … figured out that the fuse box must have tripped when I opened the fridge to check the power and there was no light in there. Was chuffed with myself for figuring out what to do (though apparently I didn’t do it 100% right, you’re supposed to unplug everything, switch the main to off then put the fuses back then switch stuff back on). I got back on Sunday to find that it was off again, I did the same as Saturday, switched it back on (without the other stuff, I found out about that yesterday), boiled the kettle and had my tea. I did wonder when I went to bed cos the combi-boiler wasn’t kicking in but couldn’t be arsed to go back downstairs and check. When I got up on Monday both switches were off, I reset them and I’d not got back to the fridge when they went bang.  The understairs cupboard which houses the fuses opens onto one end of the kitchen, so not far to walk!

Long and the short of it is that it’s not as bad as first feared, the kitchen needs rewired (not the whole house), an isolator needs fitted to the shower but yeah I’ll be able to use it in the morning (was going to visit mam for a shower tonight if that hadn’t been true) also the combi boiler isn’t working so no heat or hot water apart from the kettle. There are only two safe plugs in the kitchen and its best if I don’t have the fridge, microwave and kettle on together!

Good news is that the electrician will be at my house to fix things at 8am on Monday (21/10/07) and it wont inconvenience me cos I’ll be in London with my D. Again this means my mam is going to be sorting stuff *sigh*. When she was in the house on Monday, for the aerial man and the guy from the glass people who’re going to replace the back door, she used the time to cover my kitchen shelves with off-cuts from the bathroom cushioned flooring. All well and good (could have done it myself) but she re-organised my shelves … she told me this when I went to her for my tea on Monday, I didn’t get home till about 9pm, first thing I did, after checking the supposedly fixed ‘lecy and frying it, was check the cupboard and put them back how I had them!!!

I am so cold and tired I just can NOT be bothered sorting anything tonight, I’m going to risk boiling the kettle, make myself a cuppa and curl up on the sofa with my book. Then I’ll watch CSI and go to bed. Tomorrow D’s not coming down so, when I eventually get home from staff meeting, I’ll have sarnies, make a start on packing my bag for London, then do some sorting. Hmmm London, going to go phone A now, remind her that D is allergic to nuts and let her know what time we’ll be getting into Euston.

I phoned Kitty earlier, she’s working for BT now, but there was no answer. I’ve only got her landline and Scot must be out too. If he’d been in was going to get her mobile number, call her at work and get her to call me to sort out internet … that way she gets the bonus for a new customer 🙂 I left my landline on her phone with a message to call me about 6:30 tomorrow, we’ll see.

Anyhoooooooo TTFN


Obviously Kitty and I managed to connect, I signed up, my goodies arrived while I was in London and I’m now online from the comfort of my own home. 


Where the heating works (hmmm heat), all the appliances work and which will be inspected tomorrow and (hopefully) issued an electricity safe certificate (like the gas one it’s already got).