Yep it has been a very busy week so far. 

I got home Saturday night and got online …. yeah.  However I was a silly and forgot the computer automatically changes the time so while I was sitting here thinking “oh it’s alright, I’ll have an extra hour in bed, it’s not 3am, it’s only 2am” …. nope it was already 4pm summer time and I went to bed very late *blush*.

Sunday I walked to collect my car, she’d been at the garage while I was away cos she failed her mot for a spring which they didn’t have in stock.  Meant she got to spend the nights locked up in their garage, yeah 🙂  From collecting the car I went to my mam’s and spent hours sorting boxes, got home late and so brain dead I sat watching nothing on tv for ages and can’t even remember if I came online or not 😮

Monday, slept in nearly, made it to school in plenty of time but ate a cereal bar and an apple for breakfast in the car.  I did a couple of jobs on the way home, including shopping and a visit to my husband … working on keeping that ‘nice’, still waiting for post from my lawyer (but that’s another diatribe I hopefully wont have to type).  That evening, once I got home and had some tea, I again spent many many hours online, (I’m still trying to catch up online, some groups I’ve not even logged onto yet *gulp*) … it was after 1 am when I got to sleep, not that late off-line but couldn’t settle.

Tuesday evening I was home for a couple of hours then back to school for the halloween disco, which was fun, but with clearing up afterwards and the drive I wasn’t home till after 11pm and again found it hard to settle … I’m totally fine being in the house by myself … just things going on in my head.

This morning I slept in!  The alarm went off but I hit it and somehow instead of a five minute snooze I switched it off … leading to me getting out of bed an hour later with less that half an hour till my normal leaving time!!!  So another apple and cereal bar in the car, this time I just made it there for half the morning briefing.  Which isn’t late, I usually get to work 15-20 minutes before my start time, my start time is after the briefing and I’d rather be there that extra unpaid time so I know what is going on on a daily basis.

I left school later as it’s Wednesday, staff meeting night, and I had my first Performance Management session.  From work straight to mam’s to do some paperwork and some more sorting, P delivered some boxes up to her’s this morning.  I’d mentally said to  myself I’d leave 7pm, 8pm latest … it was nearly 9:30pm and I was a ‘tad’ stressed when I left … I did a little yelling in the car.  I need to sort that situation, I know, but I’m finding it hard to ask her to back off when she has put so much time, effort and energy (which she doesn’t have anywhere near as much as she makes out) into helping me get settled and sorting the problems which have arrisen by workman sitting and being here for hours waiting for things to be delivered … but she doesn’t just sit and watch tv or read … she doesn’t like to just sit … she’s been sorting arghhhhh. 

Anyhooooo that’s an issue that I need to deal with.  I fully intended to only come online for a max of an hour but there are so many people and groups to catch up with …. will be going to bed very very shortly as I neeeeeeeed some sleep.  For crying out loud I’ve not re-charged my batteries after all that walking around London yet!!!!!!!!!