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Well exhausted after our first day we continued an activity packed week.  Where did we go on Monday and Tuesday? Want a clue?  You’ll need to click to find out where we met Dolly lol  😀

‘Dolly’ – a curious and adventurous dolichorhynchops

‘Dolly’ – a curious and adventurous dolichorhynchops   

Monday was a later than planned start … my mattress was lying on the floor and after all the unaccustomed walking of the Sunday I found it rather hard to get up off the floor lol.

After a late breakfast D and I caught the tube into London, a straight run to South Kensington and a hike through a tunnel to the Science Museum.  To D’s dissappointment we got there too late for the 3-D Dino movie at the IMAX but did go to see the 3-D Sea Monsters show which was brilliant!

D wanted to keep the glasses but meany me wouldn’t let him lol  We were both disappointed that Launch Pad, the interactive bit, didn’t re-open until the Thursday but we didn’t have enough days to revisit the Science Museum plus on its first two days open, especially during half term, it would have been packed.

We were in the Science Museum for hours but didn’t manage to see everything, even though we left only about 5 minutes before we’d have been kicked out … without visiting the shop!

By the time we got back to South Kensington tube station it was about 18:30 and rush hour, well I don’t know if it was still rush hour but it was very very busy … D doesn’t like it when the tube is full and we have to stand after a day of walking, especially with a rucksack on his back.  I called A (my aunt) to let her know we were on the way back so we arrived to a yummy tea ready quite soon, R (my uncle) does lots of the cooking as A’s energy levels are usually very low.  D had veggies alllll holiday and (when we got back) even told his dad that he’d liked them, apart from the cabbage lol, even smothered in tomato sauce he didn’t like that.

Tuesday was another later than meant to start … it was all the excercise, the late bedtimes and not switching the alarm on :op   It was a gorgeous day, far too lovely to spend the day inside so my aunt suggested we visit London Zoo, walking the last part through Regents Park.  An inspired idea 🙂 Autumn is one of my favourite seasons and I quite embarrassed D by walking on the grass kicking the leaves he he he


 It was a lovely walk through the Park from the Baker Street tube station end along the lakeside, through the games area and around to the main entrance of the Zoo where, it being half ter, we qued.  I know it was about 1pm when we got there, it may have even been past 2pm by the time we got in … all I know is that if I’d been paying we’d not have gone in at that time, not with it shutting at 4pm!  However A&R paid for most everything during our week, A had phoned and asked R about opening times and prices so knew full well what it was and had still suggested the afternoon out, so off we went and we had fun.  Didn’t see a lot of the zoo but we thoroughly enjoyed what we did see.  It was just disappointing when we got allll the way down to square D5 on the map, the ‘meet the monkeys’ bit that they were all hiding 😦 There was lots of the Zoo we never saw, we didn’t ‘do’ the Gorilla bit, the Reptile House, the Bird Station was closed and the section north of the entrance we never touched on at all. 


When A & I had discussed the options that morning she’d suggested revisiting the Science Museum, to ‘do’ the bits we’d missed, since it doesn’t shut till 6pm.  However by the time we were kicked out of the Zoo and walked back through Regent’s Park to Baker Street Station it was about 5:15pm and by the time we’d have got to South Kensington and walked to the Science Museum it would have been shut.  So we went back to the house a little earlier on Tuesday but still exhausted lol.

We got gifts that day, one for my mam to share with my dad and Mo, one for my aunt and uncle to share, one for D’s dad, one for D and one for myself … all without entering a single shop!

A conker each from Regents Park 😀


And here I think I’ll end Part 2 … more to follow 😀