Then I did the …

Celtic Cross – Detailed View

number of cards in spread: 10
cards used: entire deck

This traditional Tarot spread is an excellent and comprehensive general reading.

The reading answers 10 questions:

1. circumstances surrounding your current situation
2. what is blocking you
3. your conscious thoughts
4. your subconscious thoughts
5. influences from your immediate past
6. your immediate future – closely linked with the outcome
7. how you see yourself
8. how others see you
9. your hopes and fears
10. outcome – closely linked with your immediate future

 … and got this in response to asking how my divorce will turn out:

10 of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles

2 of Cups
The Hanged Man
2 of Cups

King of Wands

Page of Swords

outcome - closely linked with your immediate future : 7 of Pentacles
The High Priestess
4 of Pentacles
The Devil

2 of Cups circumstances surrounding your current situation (2 of Cups)Love, harmony and affection are indicated here and love is very much in the air!! If you have had quarrels or disagreements with the one you love then this will be resolved.There is a possibility that an understanding and empowering partnership may develop from a friendship, into something more intimate. If you are going through a bad time with a current lover, experiencing betrayal, separation or divorce, a close friend will provide unconditional love that will bring you great comfort.
The Hanged Man what is blocking you or going against you (The Hanged Man)you are finding it difficult to let go of someone or something in your life, even if you know you should. Perhaps you are allowing other people to emotionally blackmail you so you don’t have to make this decision, or is it you who’s using such tactics? You need to let go in order to move on, so just have the courage to do it – you won’t be able to get on with your life until you do.
Knight of Pentacles your conscious thoughts (Knight of Pentacles)… are about potential financial improvements to your situation that may have come about quite by surprise. Yet you know you must be patient and wait for them to become manifest in your life before ‘counting your chickens’ so to speak.
King of Wands your subconscious thoughts (King of Wands)… are normally focused on finding solutions and ways of helping people, particularly where negotiations are concerned.
10 of Pentacles influences from your immediate past (10 of Pentacles)You may have been experiencing legal disputes over inheritance or alimony with family members, and this has caused some restriction and frustration.Alternatively, you may have recently received an inheritance or gift from a member of your family, and experienced the strengthening of emotional ties with them and your loved ones.
Page of Swords your immediate future (Page of Swords)This will be a time of change and important decisions, so you can expect to be pretty busy with all forms of communication.You will need to keep your wits about you, and be vigilant and careful about who you trust. You may receive loyal support from a younger person, but you do need to make sure they have your interests at heart.Someone may have it in for you and you could be the victim of slander and malice. There is no need to take any action though, just be watchful and they will make themselves known to you.
The Devil how you see yourself (The Devil)you are feeling more than just a little tempted at this time – some short term pleasure is one thing but be wise enough to see it for what it is. Whoever or whatever is bringing this excitement into your life, it is not a long term option.
4 of Pentacles how others see you (4 of Pentacles)… is hard working, with all the trappings of success and a happy and contented person. They may feel that you can be slightly obsessed with money sometimes, making you appear greedy.
The High Priestess your hopes and fears (The High Priestess)you hope your intuition will guide you and that you’ll know what decision or decisions are best for you. This is because you’re afraid the influence of external factors may cause you to make the wrong decision.
outcome - closely linked with your immediate future: 7 of Pentacles outcome – closely linked with your immediate future (7 of Pentacles)If you can find the tenacity to persevere you will start to make some financial progress and reap the rewards for all your hard work. You may feel frustrated at the lack of progress you seem to be making and success is slow in coming, but don’t quit and you’ll get there in the end.