Help get the Bank Charges Reclaiming Protest Song to No 1

Join the fight to show the banks who’s boss!

Everyone who’s reclaimed bank charges, wants to reclaim, or supports the cause can help get it to the top of the agenda, by getting it to the top of the charts. Simply spend 50p via text to buy Oystar’s non-profit “I fought the Lloyds” protest song, now available on pre-release. If enough people do, it’ll be at number 1 for the week of the big OFT test case.

Over a million people have reclaimed an estimated £1bn in bank charges. Yet the Government’s ignored a petition, the banks are charging more than ever, and the regulators have sided with them to put it all on hold! Fight back by ordering this song.

Get this to no 1. To order a 50p download, text bankers to 82822
Neither the band, record label nor MoneySavingExpert.com profit from the song
Please spread the word!