I’d never heard of Buy Nothing Day until I read this post by Spicy Cauldron in his blog. Buy Nothing Day is today (the day this post was made), it’s a campaign to reduce consumerism and the waste that produces by persuading as many people as possible to, obviously, NOT shop today. Here is a BBC article about Buy Nothing Day.

Dr David Lewis … and his team discovered that when his shoppers found a desirable product at a low price, their bodies exhibited real physical signs.

“Chemicals that create feelings of well-being – like serotonin and adrenalin – were being released into the brain,” he says. “The brainwaves changed and rising skin moisture levels indicated that people were getting aroused. Their heartbeats also speeded up. Fundamentally what this proved to us was that shopping is above all an ’emotional’ process.”

He is careful to make a distinction between “doing the shopping” – buying necessities like bin-bags and toilet paper – and “going shopping”, which he describes as an emotional adventure.

Hmmm I connect with this, I have a great deal of card making materials (I’ll be buying nothing but glue, tape etc for a long time) the purchasing of which happened in a time when I wasn’t happy with a lot of things in my life but the choosing and buying of the papers and stamps etc etc always made me feel good.

Now I think much more about my purchases, not only the ‘do I really need that’ but also where it is from, the amount of packaging, the way the thing was made/reared. In fact this last week I fancied buying some eggs but got none as the only ones in the supermarket were either ‘caged hens’ or organic free range which were way beyond my price range.

I was going to go shopping today, now I’m going to go tomorrow. I’ll buy the same things because I always do my best to buy ethically. In fact here’s another side to Buy Nothing Day, some one who makes a point of shopping on Buy Nothing Day but does so ethically!

Here’s a little bit of history about Buy Nothing Day.