Events at school today lead me to the idea … hmmm I’ll start a meme … have a look, go on, you know you want to lol.

I don’t join the first lesson on a Tuesday for about 20 minutes, I look after three year elevens until another member of staff arrives around 9:15am.  Today when I did join I was instantly asked to take a child “anywhere, just take him away please!” He’d spent those first twenty minutes messing about, disrupting the class so much they’d still not started the main task. 

However the title to this post does NOT refer to that child.  The teacher explained the work to me, we went to another room, I explained to him what we needed to do and he simply did it, no fuss at all, after all he had the attention he seems need so much. 

Anyway the task … there is currently a competition amongst schools where the children have to write a story of no more than 50 words.  This the child did, with some help, he’s one of those I help in the class normally anyway.  While he was cogitating he asked if I was going to do it as well … so I did.  Here’s my efforts 😀


The Monster

I could hear it, the monster was getting louder!  I pulled the covers over my head, hiding, trying to pretend it wasn’t happening.  Please, oh please don’t let this be happening!  Silence descended and I started to hope … but no, it began again … the alarm … time to rise and shine.


It’s supposed to be a proper story, with a beginning, middle and end (not quite sure if mine qualifies lol) and, as I said, no more than fifty words.  Go on, why not have a go … I tag three people to have a go and pass it on 😀

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