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Excuse the blurriness of this photo, I’d just staggered up a rather steep hill and found it hard to hold my phone still *blush*.

Over the last four weeks, for one day a week, myself and a workmate have been traveling to this area for a course. Each week we’ve been in a different room, last week we were in a completely sepperate building … up a rather steep hill. On the plus side was the views on the way up the hill & from the balcony outside our second floor ‘classroom’.
At lunchtime I went out onto the balcony for some fresh air as it was a bit overwarm in the ‘classroom’, the hills were still misty even though it was fair fresh out there 🙂
Every other day, including this week, the only views have been of the grey sky or a footpath with a wall on the other side of it lol.
As my workmate and myself like to get there with a safe ‘comfort zone’ (08:30 for a 09:00 start) we’ve seen rabbits on the front lawns a couple of times but these have always been shy and fast. Today we say one there again but also one in an inner courtyard.


Next week is the last day of our course … I wonder what we’ll see then 🙂