“All 14-year-old children in England will have their personal details and exam results placed on an electronic database for life under a plan to be announced tomorrow. ”

That’s how the article here starts!  If this plan goes ahead all children aged 14 will be given a unique number which will be used to track their qualifications, exclustions and expulsions.  It’s supposed to be a “tamper-proof CV” but do any of us trust the government to look after such vital, private information?  I’m against it and will be letting my M.P. know.  If enough people stand up against it, especially schools, early enough maybe we can at least stop it going online!!!

“John Dunford, General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, said: “Given the track record of government IT disasters and the possibility that all these children’s records will end up in Iowa, this is a worry.” While accepting that it would be helpful to keep centralised records of pupil achievement, he questioned the need to put it online. “