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Last Friday I wasn’t feeling very calm,I was actually a fair bit upset while at the same time feeling a touch daft for being upset over the issue.

The issue? Not through my choice I wont be working at my current school in September, the new year sevens are such that the school feel the need for all learning support staff to be (or able to be) Team Teach trained. This I cannot do due to my weak back so two weeks ago I was told by LSS that I’ll be doing supply work in September. I was, and am, sorry to hear this, I really like my current school. As I have it in writing that my current hours are ‘safe’ for the first term (even if there isn’t that much work I will still be paid the same) I wasn’t too upset, it’s the nature of the work. However I was miffed that the gentleman who makes the staffing decisions in school, my line manager, didn’t tell me but evaded the question when I asked him if he’d sorted out the hours for September yet.

That’s still not the issue but leads up to it. It was the school’s decision that I’m leaving, not mine, but at the end of term meal out last Friday when five other members of staff who are also leaving were given cards and gift vouchers … I wasn’t even mentioned … I had to blink very had not to cry. It hurt! I thought I was part of the school family!

I’ve been at school all week, not enjoying the activities week as much as normal but showing face and not moaning as I was tempted to … except to a couple of the learning support staff, one of whom gave me a lift to and from the meal and on the way back we talked about it a bit, she said she was gobsmacked and felt like crying too! On Wednesday I was surprised and touched, three of them had clubbed together and got me a bottle of wine and a card, so lovely of them (I made them thank you cards on the computer at work putting in my mobile number).

Last night was The Prom, I’ve been to every after school social while I’ve worked there, if enough staff don’t go these things can’t happen and when the kids see that you care enough to come and talk and dance etc as well as do ‘duty’ it helps with our relationships with them. I semi-seriously thought about blowing it off but didn’t … I went and it was a fab night, the kids really went to town and the atmosphere was fabulous, not a single bit of trouble inside or outside school. The head thanked me for being there, appreciated me being a trouper with the social side of things which was nice.

Today, last day of term, we were told in briefing that another member of staff is leaving, a support staff employed by the school, so another envelope in the office. When I went, she’s helped me with things, there were two envelopes! One for me!

On the last day of term, after the children have gone, staff gather for a glass of wine/juice (depending on how we travel) and a word from the head. Along with good byes to the other staff there was a lovely bouquet of flowers and a card for me … it’s nice to be appreciated and I was sooooo glad I’d not gone off in one this week as I had occasionally felt inclined to!

So the Wisdom of Calm … good things sometimes do come to those that wait and when I start job hunting I’m fairly sure I’ll get a good reference from this school 😉