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And I almost missed it!!!!

In fact if it wasn’t for the fact a friend mentioned it on a comment … I would have missed it!

So … what’s changed in the last two years?

Well I moved last October, leaving my husband whom I married back in 1988 … in fact, since we’re not divorced yet, this month is our 20th wedding anniversary!  I’m not planning on sending him a card though lol.

Nothing much else has changed, I visit people more often but not as often as I’d like due to petrol costs.  I still work for the same people, though not in the same place.  My son is now in 6th form. I still blog, though infrequently.

Some things have changed, ME!  I’m standing up for myself more, I’ve more self confidence, I’m doing things I previously wasn’t ‘allowed’ to!  🙂  My stress levels are down, though the stomach problems aren’t 100% gone, I still react badly to things which have too much tomato in or if I have to much coffee

I have my freedom and am happy!  I do need to get back into creating though, apart from a couple of ‘big’ birthday cards and a little bit of sewing I’ve not been creative for ages, for a long time before the move.  Flicking through my posts … I’ve not written a poem for ages, I’ve not created, whether with pen and paper, keyboard, card and glue, beads and wire, paint, wool.  I have done a little bit of woodwork, but that was only when a friend visited, I’ve still got lots of things I want to do with that.  I’ve barely touched my tarot or runes, though I have used my Goddess Cards occasionally and this weekend, at The Mercian Gathering, I did a private ritual on the Saturday evening.

hmmmmm I think I’m in limbo … wont be for much longer though … I’ve decided that 😀