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I went out last night, I nearly didn’t, I’ve not been well resulting in extreme tiredness but I bought the ticket last week plus it was a band I really really like!

When I got home from work I had some tea then went to bed for three hours!  Once the second alarm went off I dragged myself out of bed, washed and got dressed up for going out.  I didn’t leave the house till just after 10pm and with having to wait at the cash point (they were filling them up) it was about 10:20pm when I got there to find that the Nimmo Brothers were already playing!!!

I weaved my way through the crowd to the bar, got a J2O, weaved my way back to the front, put my drink & handbag on the edge of the stage, kicked my sandals under the stage, put my jacket on top of the speaker and started dancing 🙂

It was a shame they didn’t have any of their most recent CD with them but I’ve just remedied that by ordering “Picking Up The Pieces” online … just have to remember to take it with me to get it signed next time I see them play … the three CDs I’ve already got are all signed.

What was extra lovely was how many people came up and said things like:

“How ya doing, aint seen ya for ages!”  “Great to see you again”  “Long time no see”  “You’re still dancing then”

or just waved, smiled or chucked me on the shoulder … even the band remembered me, saying it was great that I was still dancing and a woman who got up and danced for the encore kept wandering around calling me her dance partner but telling me I’m a grand dancer.   After the fun of the music and everything the fact that so many people remember me from when I used to be a regular dancing at Blues bands both at Monroe’s and at Captain Nelson was a lovely feeling.  I was mega well chuffed that I dragged myself out of bed and went 😀

Are they playing near you?

Check it out! If they are and you enjoy the blues … you gotta go hear them 😀