I am currently rather annoyed at a friend …

It was nearer very annoyed but I’ve calmed down and anyway I’ve kind of gotten used to this type of behaviour from her *sigh*.

I was supposed to be meeting this friend for lunch today, we organised it via text.  The last couple of texts were her suggesting today, me suggesting the place and asking her what time to which she responded ‘super’.  I sent her another text this morning to double check that we were still on and if one o’clock was good for her, she has younger kids and would be sorting something for them.  No response by noon so I phoned her on her landline, thinking her mobile must be off or somewhere she couldn’t hear it.  She greeted me then asked what day we were getting together.  According to her her mobile phone is in the shop because it’s broken and the last text she got from me was asking if she fancied getting together sometime this week.

I just wonder why I didn’t call her on it, I often feel that we only get together when she wants/needs something, that I rarely get a chance to share stuff when we do get together.  She doesn’t internet and wont stay on the phone when her husband is home and since the way my landline account is set up week day calls before 6pm cost … I don’t tend to call her when he’s at work.

Bah, I’m just having one of my “why do I bother” moments.  We first became friends back in 1985/86 and there have been times when we’ve not seen each other for years, we often don’t speak for ages and only tend to meet up during the school holidays.  We’ve often said we’d meet up at least once per school holiday but things happen, always at her end, and sometimes we don’t even do that.

Ah well, we’re meeting on Thursday now, time and place set … we’ll see …