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Dramatic sky and poppies by Steel Steve

Remember, remember the 5th of November ~ so the rhyme does go.

But where’s the rhyme for the 11th of November?  So many, many dead to be remembered, those who survived the wars and died later as well as those who fell in battle or succumbed in the hospitals.

There are poems aplenty, both long and short, but where’s the playground rhyme?  Surely such an event, a day of peace and thankfulness, should be immortalized so the children to come never forget!

Writing a rhyme which would join the many others which are on the playgrounds even today is beyond my skills, I don’t know when the last such joined them, perhaps in this day and age there will be no new playground rhymes.  It would be a sad thing indeed if that is true!

Some Remembrance Day poems: here, here, and this one which was written by a 13yr old in 2006 for homework.  There are many more, not all online, check out your local library and see what poetry books they have.