As I was waiting at Castlerigg Stone Circle for the day to lighten, there wasn’t really an actual sun RISE lol, I wondered what someone was doing, they were moving around the circle leaving things at the bases of several stones in what seemed a random pattern.  It was still mostly dark so even though they put things at the stone next to me I couldn’t see what it was, not without moving over and bending down.

When I saw them put the first thing by a stone I had a couple of thoughts along the lines of  “Must check around before I leave” and “why do people have to leave things!”   However, once the sky started to lighten, they came back with another two adults and two small children and what a lovely surprise.  The children were scampering around, checking the stones to see what was there with the adults encouraging them on with “Check the all, see what the fairies have left you”.

Aw bless, Fairies instead of Santa 🙂