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Today was the last day at my current school … I’ve been here on a maternity leave cover since October but wont be back there next week.  I’ve really like it, they’re a great bunch and during morning break I was pleasantly surprised to be called into the classroom and presented with a bottle of wine, some chocolates and a basket of plants … along with a card full of cheekiness lol.

The card full of cheekiness would have been expected if I’d thought about it, they are a thoughtful bunch, but I certainly wasn’t expecting pressies!

I knew I was back on supply as from Monday and was planning to call at lunchtime to see if there was any work/remind them I’m available but a call came for me in the morning, I returned it at morning break … I’ve got another school! Not as many hours as this one but more than the hours my contract has been reduced to, thankfully!

I am going to miss the crazy bunch at this school though … you can just about guarantee that most breaks and lunchtimes would be full of laughter and lewdness  🙂