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My son has been taking forever to sort out his skill for his Duke of Edinburgh award.  He talked about maybe doing a computer class so I said great idea, I’ll do it too.  As of tonight we’re both doing the ‘new’ CLAIT computer course.

It isn’t just a semi-discrete way of making sure he actually gets it done, there was also the consideration that it never does any harm to update my computer skills & hopefully get a qualification.  I actually started this course a couple of years ago but that was amongst the whole deciding to leave and finally leaving my not-yet-ex and I let it slide.

This time I’m going to complete it and see how far along I can get, before I have to start paying for the courses 🙂

Beforehand my son and I were joking that I’d be copying off him, that I’d be his student, but not yet.  There were a couple of things one or the other of us wasn’t sure about but the other knew it.  D’s just a bit put out that I’m further along than him … purely because I can type a fair bit faster and tonight there was a lot of typing text in then changing it.  Having learnt to touch type when I was a teenager and having kept those skills up with my onlining means I get to the rest of the tasks quicker 😀