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that I’ve made a weight loss.  *sigh*  I have been keeping my activity levels up, going to the gym, a gentle walk (Hag stone hunting on the shore), on my feet for three and a half hours supporting a student in a catering exam but …very unsure what the scales will say tomorrow.  I think I’ll just be happy if I’ve had a maintain!

See! It's not my fault *must put magnets on the fridge* 😉

Last week I never made it to weigh in, I fell asleep on the sofa but I wasn’t upset about that.  The reason being I was sure I’d put about six million pounds on 😦  Why was I so down and fat feeling … well fat feeling was largely due to the incredible amount of cr#p I’d eaten during the week.  The “down-ness” was due to something I probably ought to be happy about.  P.M.T.  urgh  Yeah, go me … here’s where the “Too Much Information” warning takes effect … I had a period, not as heavy as I used to have but my first almost proper one for more years than I care to work out.  It’s been heaven not having periods, mine have always been incredibly heavy and my ex-husband suffered from horrible p.m.t.  (that was a joke, I had it but he suffered ~ thought I’d better make that clear as joke making is obviously not a talent I possess).  While the actual blood loss was fairly light this time once it started I had cramps full on.  Even so the worst part was feeling so miserable before hand but not knowing why!  Even when my periods were fairly regular my ex would realise I was due before I did and would inform me that I was bad-tempered so I must be due … yep, I’m a stereotype when it comes to being ‘visited by mother nature’.

Another hope is that I don’t start having monthly migraines again!  As a teen, before I started having periods, I would get monthly migraines.  These returned again when I was particularly stressed (marital issues, hey he is my ex!) and resulted in my having to take blood pressure medication for a while.

Anyhoooo that’s me having a twine, shouldn’t as I’m sure it’s better for my body if I start having regular periods, less chance of developing bone problems in the future I think.

“Having your period means your body produces enough estrogen to build up the endometrium which then gets shed (period). Not having enough estrogen as in amenorrhea (no period) can significantly increase your risk of  osteoporosis.”

Hmmm trying to be happy but after such irregular to non-existent periods for nearly three decades … will it really make much difference to my bones?