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Well, not so much empty nest as empty living room!  When I left my ex and moved in here back in October 2007 I was blessed in being given a two seater sofa and armchair, amongst other furniture.  Four and a half years later both had just about had it.  My back for sure had had enough of the sofa, I had padding under the cusion and seven cushions behind me so that I didn’t end up aggravating my back!

My lounge sans sofa & chair. Until Tuesday I’ll be using my camp chair, handy that it’s got it’s own little side table 🙂

This evening that same minister and his wife kindly came and heaved said sofa and chair out the living room patio door, through my back yard and into the back alley from whence it will be collected on Saturday by the local council … payment already made for that service.  With my back history I was simply a cheering squad & door opener, it’s good to have friends … or connections who are so good enough to and close enough to help.  As they were on their way to the tip they just heaved them through the back gate, having taken the casters off the bottom of the sofa to fit.  We think they must have lifted them above the wall to get them in, that happened while I was at work.  I’m just hoping that the furniture men who are bringing me a new sofa and Maureen’s old chair (from my Mum’s house) on Tuesday can get them in the front door and around the angle into the living room as I’m fairly sure they wont fit in that way.  With the sofa it’s the size/shape, it’s a three seater, but with Maureen’s chair … it’s very heavy, it’s a motorised one!

View from lounge, through patio door

View with the security gate locked

Normal view, i.e. door closed. Do you recognise the Suncatcher Magrat?