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no, not Droids but Icecreams lol

These Are Not The Icecreams You Are Looking For!

Mags very kindly made sure that Debra and I kept walking and did not purchase an icecream … as if Debra and I can stop at one lol

We really do appreciate it, and all the wonderful cooking Mags has done.  We’ve been staying with Mags for a week, all following the lovely and healthy Slimming World eating plan with a wondrous result!

Debra lost 7lbs and I have lost 8.5lbs!!!!! 😮  Wow indeed 😀  Mags lost 2lbs too, not as big a loss but then she sticks to this all the time.  It’s Debra’s first week on the healthy eating plan and me … well if I just stopped going “off piste” I would already be a lot lighter so my losses here wouldn’t be so amazing.  We are both very chuffed and grateful to our personal chef … Slimming World Spa?  Brilliant idea!!!