I’ve a new job, I’m now a Personal Assistant (Care) though the family of my current client doesn’t seem bothered about the whole “P.A.” label and just calls us carers 🙂

The issue of confidentiality is a serious matter, even my family just know I’m in Hampshire … a long, long way from home!

I’ve been down here since 29/05/13 & will be heading home for a week on Saturday (22/06/13). I’m collecting my son from Blackburn on the way & will take him back on my return journey.  It’ll be lovely to sleep in my own double bed, I miss my kingsize quilt lol, and just spend lots of time with my son and (quiet) time with my Mum (Wimbledon Week).


Here’s a photo of my boy at Grandma’s … he’s not too keen on having his photo taken lol